Scary HeartBleed Vulnerability

Scary HeartBleed Vulnerability

The scariest vulnerability bug ever imagined has the cutest logo The scariest vulnerability bug ever imagined has the cutest logo.

For those of you that didn't know, or just didn't want to know, the whole country is in a grip of terror over a security vulnerability dubbed Hearbleed.  The Heartbeet Vulnerability Bug is vulnerability in the Secure Layer Technology called OpenSSL which powered security for anything from banks and credit unions to hospital records, stock trading servers, and most importantly for our purposes here, shopping sites just like   As soon as we heard about the bug, we took every step in order to ensure that your shopping experience with us was not only pleasurable, but safe and secure.  That's tough when you realize how dangerous the bug really is.

Essentially, it's a flaw in a product called OpenSSL which, ironically enough, is supposed to secure web traffic through encryption. This flaw is based on a "keep-alive" setting which can provide malicious attackers the ability to obtain up to 64 KB of unencrypted sensitive data from the memory space of a vulnerable OpenSSL server or client. It can expose passwords, emails and financial information or get private keys used for encryption - any of which could produce devastating results.

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There is a lot more information on the web about the heartbleed vulnerability and it's how it impacts you, but what's important is did fix the vulnerability.  It seems we did, while we built's website in the first place.   I'll get technical about any of our products in a heartbeat, but our website's security is way too techy even for me.  Basically, it was built from the ground up on best of breed technology, and we didn't spare any expense on the security service.


Yes, without question, we are safe from Heartbleed, and we've provided links to our scans for your perusal.

McAfee Heartbleed Scan HeartBleed Scan


You can run the test yourself at Symantec

Thank you for your trust, and thank you for your business.

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