aluminum patio umbrellas
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Aluminum Patio Umbrellas

Our Aluminum Patio Umbrellas featuring market umbrella styling are the natural evolution of the patio umbrella. No more ropes or pulleys to open your umbrella, because now you can automatically crank your umbrella open with ease, tilt your umbrella with the turn of a collar, or match your umbrella frame with any patio furniture cover you want, all while featuring frame colors like Bronze, Black, Neutral Sand and Camel and as well as many others popular umbrella frame colors.

We offer a full line of aluminum outdoor umbrella sizes like:

  • 11 foot Aluminum Patio Umbrellas: Great umbrellas for large tables or added protection on standard tables. Also the perfect large patio umbrella to shade bigger patio areas.
  • 9 foot Aluminum Patio Umbrellas: The Standard when it comes to patio umbrella sizes and perfect for most table sets and outdoor room needs.
  • 7 foot Aluminum Patio Umbrellas: If you're looking for the perfect aluminum umbrella for bistro or cafe sets, or trying to fit an umbrella in an apartment or condo balcony, our 7' aluminum umbrellas are the perfect size and offer a plethora of options.

22 Item(s)

22 Item(s)

Your patio or outdoor space deserves the design and decor you are looking for, and aluminum patio umbrellas offer a plethora of frame colors, tilt mechanisms and fabric colors to perfectly match the outdoor look you are trying to achieve.

With different frame colors like Black, Camel, Sand, Charcoal, Mocha, and a slew of other aluminum frame choices, your options for your patio decor are no longer limited to just basic frames like Chrome or Silver, as beautiful as those colors can be.

By mixing and matching different frame colors and cover fabrics, aluminum umbrellas can completely change the look of your patio decor. Create the look of a tropical island, or the elegant street cafe's of New York or Paris, or simply bring the interior decor you've been working on inside your house to the outside.

Today's aluminum umbrellas are so much different than what was available in the past. With innovations in engineering and design, including heavy duty ribs to withstand different weather conditions, tilting options that range from automatic tilting umbrellas to collar tilt umbrellas as well as improvements to the tried and true push-button tilt umbrellas, your aluminum umbrella is built to stand the rigors of outdoor use.

And if you add in the exciting innovation of a wind resistant fiberglass rib umbrella with aluminum pole, and you can have the best of both worlds, engineering and style!