Offset Patio Umbrellas - 8 Ways To Enjoy Them

Offset Patio Umbrellas - 8 Ways To Enjoy Them

Since we started, we've constantly been on the search for high end products that we can provide at a value. It's not easy. There's a balance of traveling, negotiating, and searching through rolls of fabric, miles of wood, and meeting with the people on the manufacturing floor where the product is actually made; that has to be achieved to really get to the products we want to carry.

Offset umbrellas are also known as side post umbrellas, because the hang from the side, or cantilevered umbrellas, because of the way they function. But our problems in finding a good line where many. Either the aluminum was sub-standard, or it was a supra-deluxe, steel and titanium 26 foot monster that made no sense whatsoever. That is, until we tracked down we we thought where the perfect offset umbrellas.

Offset patio umbrellas represent more than just another line we can carry. They're really great to own! We try to describe all the things that you can do with an offset, but ultimately, it's up to you to decide what you'd like to do with it, and how you are going to use it. We've put together a little list on what we think are cool ways of adding this great umbrella to your garden or backyard.

Over Your Table

Well, there's the obvious. Over your table. One of the coolest things about a side post umbrella is that there are no center poles to get in the way of you looking over your table to see your friends or family. Conversing at a patio table takes a whole new perspective once you get that center pole out of the way. And, moving your table around doesn't take a long time because there is no umbrella attached to it's center. Because our offsets swivel 360 degrees, and tilt up or down by at least 270 degrees, you get a lot of flexibility on how you shade your table. Plus, there's the added benefit of adding more usable space to your table top. Pop in that hole cap that came with the table!

Over Chaise Lounge Chairs

Obvious number two, being number two on our list, and making me seem like a dufus as I write this, is over your lounge chairs. As you relax in your chaise loungers, hopefully on comfortable patio chaise cushion, having a center pole umbrella, even an large one, can be a little obtrusive. With an offset patio umbrella, you can place the umbrella out of the way, behind or to the side of you. Now you can have space for an outdoor table, or rolling bar, or a TV.

Create a shade area

Now, before you ask what a shade area is supposed to be, let me tell you that a shade area is anything you want it to be. However, for most people, a shade area is usually a common area where they like to gather or converse. Maybe by a pool or next to a barbecue. You can create a shade area anywhere really, so keep in mind those open areas in your patio or garden where it's just....blah, nothing is happening there. Bingo, perfect spot for a shade area, and a neat side post umbrella.

Over an Entertainment Area

Create a entertainment/conversation area. If you're like me, and you enjoy entertaining on your patio, you don't need a table to sit people down. They can relax in a nice grouping of chairs, in a semi circle or loose circle. The offset is a great way to provide both shading and a comfortable roomy type feeling to an otherwise empty area. Pop in a radio or tv, a small bistro table on one side, and you have a street cafe type area right in your backyard. Add some x-mas lights to the ribs, and you can entertain at night as well.

Covering Your Children's Play Area

Shading the babies is a great way to use an offset patio umbrella. If you have a sandbox or children's play area, it's easy to protect them from the harmful effects of the sun while they are out playing. (there's only so much of that blue stuff you can use) Also, with a good and exciting game of tag, a center pole umbrella can be toasted in a second. Not so with an offset umbrella. Set it off to the side of the outdoor play area, let it reach over your kids, and voila, you've got a great play area where your children are outdoor and out of the sun. And since all of our patio umbrellas come in Sunbrella fabrics, they are protected by a fabric recommended by The Skin Cancer Foundation.

Over Your Pool

What? Yes. We all love to float on our pool floats and rest in the relaxing movement of the water, but the sunburn, OUCH! Offset patio umbrella to the rescue! Place an offset umbrella to the side of your pool, set it over the water, and you've got a great shade spot right over the water. Neat huh?

Create a Pathway or Walkway

Some homeowners have larger backyards where they have created pathways to different areas, but would like to control traffic. Setting down an offset umbrella is a great way to shade you and your guests while your walking down the path.


The offset umbrella is a great commercial patio umbrella for restaurants, cafe's and hotels, where you need your guests and patrons to be free of obstructions where they can fall or hurt themselves, embarrassing you and your business. Not cool. Offset umbrella...way cool.

So there you are. Eight great ways to use offset patio umbrellas. But folks today can come up with wholly new and exciting ways to use an offset. If you have any ideas, feel free to share them!

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