Patio Umbrella or Market Umbrella.  What's the Difference?

Patio Umbrella or Market Umbrella. What's the Difference?

You'll often hear the terms patio umbrellas or market umbrellas, and ask yourself what the difference is. There are the industry terms, and then there are the terms that would just make life a little easier for you.  So what is a market umbrella, or a patio umbrella for that matter?

The industry of Patio Umbrellas is actually much older than you can imagine. People from all around the world have been needing shade structures since they decided to come out from the caves. There are recorded uses of shading devices dating way back to the early cave dwellers. Apparently, they couldn't lug around a tree wherever they wanted to.

So you can understand that many of the terms for patio umbrellas are pretty old. First up, PATIO UMBRELLA.

I know this sounds dumb, but let's get it out of the way. A Patio umbrella is any umbrella that is manufactured or created specifically for outdoor leisure use. Often used in a homes' backyard, or patio, the name stuck. There are different types of outdoor umbrellas, like beach umbrellas, tilting patio umbrellas, and bistro umbrellas, but they are not often referred to as often as the patio umbrella.

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A Patio Umbrella could be any style of outdoor umbrella, such as the traditional bell-shaped garden umbrella or the wildly popular wood patio umbrellas. Also, a patio umbrella can be constructed of any material such as wood, fiberglass or most popular, aluminum.

market umbrellaA market umbrella defines the shape of the umbrella. In history, the Market Umbrella was first developed, well, ALL OVER THE PLACE. The traditional market umbrella is a worldwide invention, created at different times, and in different countries by people who thought they where the first to make it. Merchants around the world selling in every conceivable open market felt the noon day heat and had to come up with something to cover up themselves, their customers and their products; often times fruits and vegetables. Not everybody could afford a tent or an enclave, or get under roof. So they grabbed a long stick, two smaller sticks, crossed the smaller sticks, popped it at the top of the longer stick, added canvas or fabric or a rug, and VOILA!!, THE MARKET UMBRELLA!

OK? Let's move on, cause I feel silly.

The market umbrella as we know today traditionally comes from the streets of Italy and France. With a little change the octagon shape was developed using more crossed sticks achieving the basic shape we have today.

Now, in the industry (manufacturing and selling) a market umbrella usually refers to a wood market umbrella. Most wooden umbrellas are made in the market style. However the market style can be applied to an aluminum patio umbrella making it an aluminum patio umbrella.

So, let me stop now, because as you can see, delving too deep can confuse things, when it should be fairly simple.

A patio umbrella is any umbrella made for home outdoor leisure use. A market umbrella is a STYLE of umbrella that can be applied to both wooden patio umbrellas or aluminum patio umbrellas. Sometimes, a wood market umbrella might be called a market umbrella, but remember that market umbrella is really a style.

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