Tips On How To Choose The Right Patio Umbrella

wood market patio umbrellaOutdoor patio umbrellas happen to be a fantastic way to help you enjoy your outdoor room, and is an investment that will definitely add to your home's value.  With the right outdoor fabric, like Sunbrella acrylics, a patio umbrella can protect you from damaging UV rays which can cause skin cancer while giving you and your family a great place to relax or entertain.

Over time, umbrella manufacturing has improved and become somewhat of a fashion statement for the outdoor room decorator. They've become a centralizing theme and a fun element of patio and home decor. In all honesty, a patio without a patio umbrella just doesn't "feel" right.

Have fun picking out an umbrella! Fabric alternatives can be really thrilling, and it isn't difficult to uncover wonderful bargains on the web.   But how to get started?  How to choose the right patio umbrella for your home? With so many options and so many construction materials, it could be a bit hard picking out the right one for you.    However, if we go over the basic categories of umbrellas, we'll find out the styles and features that are best for you.

Garden Umbrellas

  • The look of the traditional garden umbrella is unmistakable.
  • Adorning luxury garden furniture sets for decades, these classic umbrellas feature the unique bell shape appearance which hearkens back to an era when backyards and patio's where the heart of a households recreation.
  • Typically small compared to modern day umbrellas, they're just great enhancements to backyards, small patios and courtyards.
  • For making the classic look complete, complement them along with wicker or rattan furniture for the old world goodness.

Wood Market Umbrellas

  • Rustic luxury is just one of the terms used to define a wood market umbrella.
  • Inspired from the original DIY outdoor umbrella, the street market umbrella, the timber market outdoor umbrella today has come a long way from its roots.
  • Great for making a chic atmosphere, wood market umbrellas are usually one of the most popular umbrellas all over.
  • It's easy to create far flung looks in your patio decor, which is the best way to make a relaxing environment in your home for those at home "staycations".
  • Seek out umbrellas made from teak or hardwood, since they are normally bug free and water repellent.

Wind Resistant Patio Umbrellas

  • Previously fiberglass was the most expensive material to build an umbrella from.
  • Fiberglass is definitely stronger and much better at coping with higher than average wind conditions when compared with aluminum or wood.
  • What makes them stand out? The fiberglass ribs can bend and flex under wind pressure, but snap back to shape. According to a  report from the University of Miami, a fiberglass outdoor umbrella can easily withstand winds up to 50mph. That's why they are called wind resistant patio umbrellas.
  • Because they flex so effectively, straight forward falls and turnovers coming from hard play or accidents isn't going to crack the ribs, which usually sends an umbrella to the trash bin.

Aluminum Umbrellas

  • Cafe-style modern aluminum patio umbrellas are pretty popular because of their durability and features.
  • Aluminum is  lightweight and does not really rust, and is available in a plethora of frame finishes that can go with just about any home decor.
  • Aluminum umbrellas will often have specialized characteristics like automatic tilting.
  • Outdoor patio umbrella fabrics can be found in lots of varieties, so you can create virtually any look you would like, for instance a sidewalk cafe or an elegant hotel poolside using exotic colors or stripes.

Cantilever Umbrellas

  • cantilever umbrellaOne of the challenges you deal with if you own an outdoor umbrella could be the middle pole. The shade offered by an outdoor umbrella is great, however the center pole will get in the way of conversation. And it can limit how much usable surface on tables or bistro tables.
  • Usually seen in stylish eateries and cafes, cantilever umbrellas position to the side, or offset from the center, leaving the shade cover over you or the place that you're wanting to shade. This totally frees up room and makes brand new possibilities for creating area in your patio.
  • Excellent over the pool, or maybe a spa.
  • Shade your young ones while they have fun without stressing about an patio umbrella getting in their way or falling over.
  • Entertaining close friends outdoors will be an entirely new experience without having to look around a pole to have a discussion.
  • You can be the complete envy of your neighborhood having a large, beautiful offset umbrella.

Patio Umbrellas where once regarded as simply a useful accessory, but they can, and typically are, a key theme to your outdoor space. Take your time to make an outdoor patio umbrella selection. It could change your outdoor decor entirely.

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    What other materials are used in your fiberglass umbrellas? I am looking specifically at the 9' standard auto tilt model with Sunbrella fabric. The shaft is aluminum, right? What is the crank case and its internal parts made of? Thanks

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