Patio Umbrella Prices

One of the most difficult things about buying the right outdoor patio umbrella is determining the price that you are willing to invest.  There are a lot of patio umbrella prices to look at. Most online shoppers today know the difference between a cheap umbrella and a premium umbrella, but quality compared to price is often difficult to gauge.  An online search of patio umbrellas will lead to a plethora of choices.  But how do you know that the 199 dollar umbrella you’re looking at is going to last, or if it’s going to fade and fail after a month’s use?

Luckily, most reputable umbrella retailers will price their products responsibly, so quality and price are pretty transparent.  However, let’s look at a few umbrellas in the low, mid and high price range and determine what you can expect in performance.

Low Price Range Umbrellas

Typically, umbrellas in the low or discount price range are what’s called “one season” umbrellas.  They feature outdoor fabrics like Olefin or Polyester that are typically rated between 300-400 sunlight hours before they start to fade.   It’s important to note that discount priced umbrellas are not bad umbrellas, and are for the most part very durable, but need a bit of extra care to last more than 1 or 2 years.  If you are looking for a good umbrella but not investing long term, there are excellent umbrellas out there that are priced from $65.00 up to $190.00 depending on the size and features.  A search for patio umbrellas on sale will yield some awesome finds, and even some high end umbrellas at fantastic bargains.

9 foot wood market umbrella

9' Wood Market Umbrella - Discount Polyester - $91.00

Mid Range Price Umbrellas

Most people would find both the quality and affordable price they are looking for in most mid range umbrellas.  You’ll find a lot of Sunbrella Fabric Patio Umbrellas and Pacifica Fabrics in this price range, and you’ll find that these umbrellas typically are very durable and a wise investment for those looking to shade their outdoor space in stylishly.  Featuring different constructions materials such as aluminum, wood or fiberglass, you will also find a lot of different features, such as tilting options or sizes.  Prices for mid range umbrellas are typically between $200-$400 depending on the features, fashion and fabric colors you choose.

9 foot auto tilt patio umbrella

9' Auto Tilt Aluminum Patio Umbrella - $329.00

High End Luxury Umbrellas

Those who want to invest in specialty item umbrellas, featuring high end construction and materials, like stainless steel patio umbrellas or a high end teak umbrella.  These umbrellas represent and investment for the future, and are often priced this way.  A lot of umbrella buyers would find something that’s affordable in the lower price spectrum of high end umbrellas, which can range in price from $340-$550.

11 foot auto tilt patio umbrella

11' Auto Tilt Aluminum Patio Umbrella - $499.00

For the most part, price can help you determine the quality or scope of the umbrella you need.  Just remember to begin your patio umbrella buying with a clear plan and price you are willing, or able to pay.

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