What's a Sunbrella Umbrella?

I got this call the other day, asking what a sunbrella umbrella is. At first, I was intrigued by the question. Most people call to find the benefits of a fiberglass rib patio umbrella, or want to know the difference between collar tilt and auto tilt patio umbrellas, but working with misnomer, well, that's something different.

It's not that the caller was wrong, in fact, it's a very smart question. Sunbrella, which has evolved to be the leader in outdoor fabrics, have grown in popular culture to represent a class by itself. So in terms of patio cushions and patio umbrellas, undoubtedly, the patio buying public have put a name to what they feel is the best. I don't blame them. Sunbrella manufactures solution dyed acrylics fabrics. These fabrics are know for their soft hand and lush colors, as well as their overall longevity. Acrylic fabrics last for years without loosing their lush color.

That's not to say that other fabrics, like olefins or poly prints are not as good for outdoor, they are, but acrylic fabrics have set themselves apart.

Our line of Sunbrella fabrics represent the most popular outdoor fabrics in the industry, as chosen by our customers.

So the answer is, a sunbrella umbrella is any patio umbrella that uses Sunbrella fabric for it's cover.

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