Umbrella Wind Vents: Why are they important?

With all of the umbrella wind vent choices available at, how are you going to choose the right one for your patio umbrella?

To give you a better understanding of the different features of our wind vents, it’s important to know what a Wind Vent does.  A wind vent is a flap in the fabric of canopy, or top, of a patio umbrella, that allows for wind and heat to escape the top of the umbrella. There are two main reasons why this is important.

Stability. The Wind Vent allows for wind and air to be safely “vented” through your umbrella. Without the Wind Vent, what you would have is a very big and expensive kite. Think of your hand umbrella in a strong breeze; turn the umbrella the wrong way, and not only does it turn inside out, but 9 times out of 10, it will fly away, usually very far away. However, because of the wind vent in our patio umbrellas, air and wind have a means of escape, without carrying the whole umbrella along with it.

Comfort. Heat rises, and patio umbrellas can trap a lot of heat under the canopy, like a hot air balloon. The Wind Vent allows for hot air to escape out of the top, and let’s cool air rush in underneath to cool the inside of the canopy. Without a Wind Vent, you’d be standing underneath a hot air oven. Not the best place to be on a hot day, and completely kills the purpose of having an outdoor shade.

So why are there different types of Wind Vents? Why would one type of Wind Vent be different than another? Let’s go over the differences.

Single Wind Vents (SWV)

An Single Wind Vent patio umbrella features a single vent placed in the optimum area at the top of the umbrella canopy. This provides basic wind and heat venting and is that standard vent among all patio umbrellas sold. In small patio areas and places where wind is not a big factor, this is a great umbrella cover. It also allows for a single, uniform look to your umbrella cover. Almost all of patio umbrellas are available in Single Wind Vent.  The only umbrella not available in single wind vent would be our large patio umbrellas, such as the 11' Market Umbrellas.

Dual Wind Vents (DWV)

A Dual Wind Vent umbrella is just what the name suggests. Two Wind Vents placed at the top and middle positions of the umbrella canopy gives you twice the ventilation and twice the heat dissipation. Twice as efficient as a SWV, the DWV umbrella cover also gives your patio umbrella an added design feature that gives a little more fashion and elegance to your patio design. The Dual Wind Vent is perfect for those windy outdoor areas, or patios that are in hot or tropical locals, where heat dissipation is really important.

Middle Accent Design (MD)

middle accent design patio umbrella

Middle Accent Design Patio Umbrella

A Middle Accent umbrella is a Dual Wind Vent cover with the added feature of a coordinating or complimenting fabric in the middle vent tier. It has all the advantages of a DWV, but opens a world of design opportunities for your outdoor décor. You can mix and match cushion fabrics and compliment it with your umbrella, or you can choose a complete pallet featuring cushions, outdoor pillows and umbrellas with a base fabric colors and accenting fabrics. Imagine picking a beautiful rich solid for your cushions; match it with a nice accenting stripe or pattern for your decorative pillows, and then making your umbrella with BOTH fabrics. As we said, a world of opportunities.

ED 9 Inch Edge (ED)

edge patio umbrella

9 Inch Edge Patio Umbrella

How can you make the concept of a single vent better? The 9 Inch Edge does just that by creating a wider, middle  tier that extends to 9 inches from the edge of the canopy. This canopy design  adds a rich, elegant look to your patio umbrella top. All of our Deluxe Patio Umbrellas are available in the ED 9 inch edge option.

Alternating Panels

alternating panels patio umbrella

Alternating Panels Patio Umbrella

Alternating panel designs are a traditional designer choice when it comes to market umbrellas.  Our alternating panels cover is a single wind vent umbrella with your choice of 2 Sunbrella fabrics in an one on, one off pattern.  Great geometric design for outdoor rooms when you

The Difference

Most online merchants only carry Single Wind Vent patio umbrellas, and usually with a small choice of fabrics. is dedicated to giving you a wide selection of design choices for your umbrellas, so we added Dual Wind Vent, Middle Accent Design, 9 Inch Edge and Alternating Panel designs to expand your choices. Why the difference? Most online merchants only feature selected umbrellas in a limited amount of fabric because they are easily ordered and shipped through the manufacturers. has gone through the extra steps to ensure that our customers have a wide variety of patio umbrella choices available to them.

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    I need a very large umbrella to shade two large dogs. The one I have/had has a very heavy base. But one afternoon the winds before a storm blew it over. These dogs are frightened by thunder and lightening so I let them in my house. Then I went back out to pick it up and roll in down. When, I did a really big gust of wind lifted the base up, turned the umbrella inside out and knocked me down, plus I

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