Tilting Patio Umbrellas - Patio Umbrellas that Tilt

Tilting patio umbrellas come in different styles and each one offers a pretty significant feature that can totally change how you enjoy your patio umbrella. A tilting patio umbrella can provide shade from the sun no matter its position in the sky can let you enjoy your shady spot all day long.

So, you know you want a tilt patio umbrella, but are not sure what's the best one for you?

  • Auto tilt patio umbrellas tilt by turning the crank that opens the umbrella.
  • Collar tilt patio umbrellas tilt by turning a collar just above the hub of the crank.
  • Push-Button tilt patio umbrellas tilt by a pushing a button at the top of the pole letting it tilt to one of three positions.

Featured Automatic Tilt Umbrellas

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Push-Button Tilt Umbrellas