Tilting Patio Umbrellas - Patio Umbrellas that Tilt

Tilting patio umbrellas come in different styles and each one offers a pretty significant feature that can totally change how you enjoy your patio umbrella. A tilting patio umbrella can provide shade from the sun no matter its position in the sky can let you enjoy your shady spot all day long.

So, you know you want a tilt patio umbrella, but are not sure what's the best one for you?

  • Auto tilt patio umbrellas tilt by turning the crank that opens the umbrella.
  • Collar tilt patio umbrellas tilt by turning a collar just above the hub of the crank.
  • Push-Button tilt patio umbrellas tilt by a pushing a button at the top of the pole letting it tilt to one of three positions.

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Push-Button Tilt Umbrellas

Enjoying the sun filled days of spring and summer is a special time for any home owner or outdoor enthusiast. But the one harsh lesson we learn as a warm sunny day progresses is that the sun just doesn't settle in one space in the sky.

The sun starts low in the morning, high at mid-day, and low in the evening. So if we don't have a tilting patio umbrella we are faced with either physically moving where we are sitting our lounging or actually picking up our shade and moving it so it's shade covers us from the sun.

Frankly, this is a frustrating situation. Enjoying a day outside but having to get up and lug around furniture or on non-tilt umbrella can totally ruin your day. Why move around heavy furniture or a big umbrella when they can do the job of shading you without moving?

Introducing the tilt patio umbrella. By pushing a button, or turning the crank, or even the ease of adjusting a collar, you're umbrella can shade you all day long no matter where the sun is in the sky.

A tilt patio umbrella, whether it is auto tilt, collar tilt or traditional push-button tilt , can save you a lot of work and headaches associated with shading yourself from the harsh effects of the sun.

Each type of tilting patio umbrella has its benefits and challenges.So it's important to balance what you want from any patio umbrella that offers a tilt function. Each type of tilt from a patio umbrella has both benefits and drawbacks. If you ever have any questions, please feel free to contact us.